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High Tea on De Rotterdam

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The Hotstepper is proud of Rotterdam and he loves food. There is obviously no excuse not to visit and eat on the steamship of the same name. In a previous blog ( he mentioned that we should make a visit to this legendary ship, but conceded he had not been himself. Yesterday he so enjoyed with friends a delicious High Tea in the Club Room. The atmosphere is fantastic, being surround by beautiful ceilings, lamps, chairs, tables and original paintings. The style of the ’50s comes back to life.

After the delicious lunch we wandered about the ship. Even though not all spaces are publicly accessible, whether or not legitimate, we still have seen quite a few. Maybe the Hotstepper will go back again for a paid tour, because the visit made him very enthusiastic. Although the ship can not sail anymore, wandering the corridors and the decks makes you feel that the engines could come to life with a big rumble and that the horn could announce the departure to distant places with a firm blow anytime.

That she is forever on the quay, does not mean that a visit is less valuable. From the various decks you have a beautiful view of the sky line of the city. Actually, De Rotterdam itself became part of the much debated sky line of ‘Manhattan aan the Maas‘. It is surprising how many places there are in the city where you can see the ship. Perhaps this offers a nice topic for another blog? Now the Hotstepper first needs to make a selection though from over 150 photos for this blog.

If you decide to visit De Rotterdam, don’t forget to bring your camera!

Also don’t forget to check the site for useful information:

For more photo’s also check out:


Written by thehotstepper

March 28, 2010 at 1:57 pm

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